What does the color mean?

My dear son,


As usual , I talked to you about things and teach you a lot of new things around you.

Today we talked about color.


Mommy ::: What red say??

Will          ::: Stop


Mommy::: What green say???

Will        ::: Go


Mommy ::: what blue and yellow made??

Will         ::: Green


Mommy ::: What red and yellow made???

Will          ::: Orange



Mommy ::: Great job little guy!!! And what about red and green made???

Will          ::: CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!

Mommy ::: What!!! @_@ what do you mean?? Waits .Ah.yeah you right..

Daddy   :::  Laughed until his butt fall of from the chair.


I love you..Mommy



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Posted on Sat 31 Mar 2007 4:00