My dear son,


I havent written about your day for quite a while. Well something I can say to accuse for myself though.


Anyway, this week daddy took day off work for 3 days you have so much fun and so much more to do with daddy.


You learn to play a lot of things for now on your favorite game are tags and peek-a-boo. You love it.


Last night you played with daddy while mommy tried to put all laundry back to dresser. You keep hide and seek for daddy.

Once it your turn, you ran away and yell daddy you cant find me.

Daddy just smiles and walks to see you also ask, are you in a closet?? You said no, and replied him quite cute. You said, I am in a basket.


I and daddy were blast off laughing. Because you tell him exactly where you were, but you kind a smart to me, you hide in a basket and cover yourself with a blanket. If you wouldnt say anything to daddy, he might not see or find you I think.


I think I need to keep this cutie thing in diary and I will write you some more if I could find time J


Love , Mommy


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Posted on Wed 29 Aug 2007 22:21